How to build your list while making money straight away - in 2 easy steps.

Step 1: Make it relevant.

Before you start giving things away to your market, first find out what your market wants.

Sounds simple but most people miss this out, they just offer what they think, their
market wants.

The best way to do this is got to the most active forum in your niche, and type in the
search section, "Need help" or something like that, find out what the most common pattern
is and just solve it by writing a quick free report, or making a video, or even
using audacity to create a free mp3.

Step 2: Make it profitable - what most marketers miss.

So now you have your product, you've uploaded it to your server, and you have your
autoresponder set to send it.

So this is how you make your money straight away, after someone puts their name and
email address in. All you do is put the "Thank you" page as a product, either your
own or a clickbank one. Either way make it RELEVANT!

Most marketers let this opportunity slip, I personally make a sale out of every 15 people
who opt in, on average. Which means for every 15 people who opt-in, I usually make $20
as an affiliate helping them out.

Make sure that you are cool to your list and you train them right so they pay you.